Meet the Tour

Composed by five different points, the South Germans Rural Tour/Route aims, with originality, to remember the challenges faced by the Bohemians, Sudeten Germans, who came from the Kingdom of Bohemia, north of the Czech Republic, former Czechoslovakia.

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Start a journey in the MUSEU DA FAMÍLIA, where objects, furniture and documents tell the tale of the immigrants’ trajectory. 

Following that, visit the MOINHO E SERRARIA dating from the 19th century and be captivated by the timber framing architecture of the family house.

Feel the wonder of the CASA DE PEDRA, an architectural complex and former warehouse where weddings, balls and parties were held.

Stop by the PROPRIEDADE RURAL and get to know the settlers’ daily routines and savor a multitude of colonial goods.

Finish the tour at the ARMAZEM ROSA MOSQUETA and learn about the Rose Victory, symbol of the Bohemian feudal lords.

The tour lasts about 2h30 hours with a distance of about 8km. The transfers must be done by private car. Degree of difficulty: EASY.